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At iZetta, we are constantly seeking new ways to reinforce our relationships with our channel partners. We want to play an active role in our partnerships, and so we began asking ourselves how we could help you succeed as an iZetta Channel Partner. The answer was clear: make it convenient.
We want to turn a good partnership into a great partnership. Are you with us?
All You Need. And More.

Sales tools and information resources for channel partners.
Manned by a team of professionals, the iZetta has only one objective: to deliver the high level support that  iZetta Channel Partners need to succeed in today’s competitive markets. It gives you powerful tools and systems designed to both enhance your current business processes as well as support your future growth and expansion:

Partner Enablement Program.
At iZetta, we believe in enabling partners with the skills to be successful. To support this vision and belief, we set up the Partner Enablement Program to train our channel partners in the fundamental skills they need to successfully market iZetta products and solutions.
We will provide your sales team with guidance on information infrastructure technology, iZetta product positioning as well as the key features and functionalities of iZetta’s solutions.

End-to-end support through the sales cycle.
The best businesses are built on teamwork, and that’s what the iZetta is all about. You can count on our full support throughout the sales cycle, from registering potential new deals all the way through to requesting additional special discounts in highly-competitive bids. Our teams of professionals are also on hand to provide you with advice on pre-sales support, pricing and demo programs in addition to information on training and joint marketing programs.

Demo Program
The iZetta is equipped with a number of demo programs to support partners in their marketing and sales campaigns. This includes the rental program, the demo purchase program and the demo software program.

Great rewards for great work.
We believe in the value of hard work. We know what it takes to get to the top, and we have designed our incentive programs to facilitate that journey for you. Not only do our programs offer excellent financial rewards to successful channel partners, but they also offer opportunities for further growth and expansion. Eligible partners may also earn funds that can be used in iZetta joint marketing activities.

Incentive programs designed to reward your success
The iZetta Partner Program is designed to foster a robust and mutually beneficial relationship between iZetta and our partners by developing a winning combination that advances business productively and profitability. The program provides your business with all the tools, training, support, and resources you need to bolster your bottom line, boost your profits and gain a competitive advantage over others in the market.

Marketing funds to allow us to go to market together
The iZetta maketing program is designed to empower successful partners with additional support for their sales activities.