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The Communication and Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise

Build Your Private Cloud and Secure Information. 100% private cloud structured to meet expectations of companies for the complete information security.

FileCruiser VR2600 – PROMISE Cloud Storage Solution

Cloud Storage for Business of All Size

FileCruiser VA2600 – PROMISE Cloud Storage Solution

Cloud Storage for Business for SME


PROMISE feature product FileCruiser as a complete cloud solution which includes Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) features on a state of the art server-storage hardware platform for enterprises and small to midsized businesses.

It will allow users to easily build according to their organization needs� has its own Dropbox-like cloud storage services which enable them to realize the benefits of the cloud, access anywhere; easy file sharing that surpass FTP with improved collaboration capabilities for group projects. FileCruiser is able to support up to thousands of accounts and hundreds of terabytes of storage space.

  • Access and Sync with Your Devices

    FileCruiser will intelligently syncs your files across all of your devices, so you always have the most up to date file regardless where you are or which device you are working on. FileCruiser administrators can control the limits on the size and types of files users can upload and sync to FileCruiser.

    Easily Sync Large Files

    FileCruiser will effectively sync all your files (even if the files size are larger than usual) across your designated devices with you having a peace of mind. Even if the connection is interrupted for any reason, the synchronization process will resume from the point it stopped as soon as the connection is restored.




     Simple, Secure Sharing from Anywhere

  • FileCruiser will assist you to build a efficient shared worksape and put your team all in the same page without have to rely on a ton of collaboration tools.

    Manage Your Team

    The team lead is able to manage their team by adding/removing/disabling/enabling memberships even if the team members are from mixture of local domain and AD/LDAP domains.

    Team Member Scope

    Team Scope� is a viewing space for team members to view. Within a team, each person may have different aspects of a project that they need to focus on, so different scopes can be configured for each team member.

    Team Member Access Permissions

    In FileCruiser there are a set of roles defined with different access rights (or permissions), including READ, WRITE, SHARE INSIDE (inside the domain), SHARE OUTSIDE (outside the domain), and more. The role of each member can be assigned by the team lead after the team is created and when the member is added.


  • Audit and Monitor

    FileCruiser allow IT administrators to monitor file and user activities. Audit Trail reports can be generated on user behavior, including sharing, deleting and adding files and more.

    Multi-Architecture support

    FileCruiser's agile deployment architecture will allow you to deploy the most suitable solution for your organization. VR2600 (a 3U-16 bay appliance) is designed to deployment in medium to large-size organization with scale out computing capability in mind.


  • Sharing with Shared Links

    FileCruiser allows users to easily upload files and folders, upon upload a unique downloadable link will be created for the files and folders. Users will have the options to password protect the hyperlink or set an expiration date on it.

    Sharing to Teams

    FileCruiser also helps you easily manage and share your content to users or teams within FileCruiser. The file will be copied to the user's folder automatically. You can define user accessibilities, readable or writable on the specific file or folder you shared.

  • img_benefits_video

    With FileCruiser, videos or music can be streamed on any of your client devices without having to download the entire file. This will save precious space on your devices and conveniently keep all your files in one place online.

  • With your team working all around the globe on multiple devices,

    it's very important to remember how important data security is to your business.